Project title:

Enhancing livelihoods conditions for poorest families for eliminating structural violence of poverty and preventing exclusion and marginalisation as risk for peace and social coherence

General Objective :

Families happy to have access to their first rights and becoming open for peace and human rights awareness.

Project Specific Objective:

Support targeted households to have their own shelter, toilet and to improve family nutrition through kitchen garden.

Target group:

The targeted population criteria are the poorest families in Huye District, Mbazi Sector, Tare Cell and Huye Sector, Muyogoro Cell.

Expected results and activities:

  • Poorest families have a shelter and are secured mentally: Building 5 houses for poor families
  • Poorest families have toilet and kitchen garden; improve hygiene and nutrition in their families: Building 30 toilets for poor families and making kitchen gardens in 30 poor families
  • Partners :

    Association pour la Promotion des Jumelages et l’Amitié entre les Peuples (APROJUMAP), organisation member of NPIA.

    Financial support:

    Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

    Duration :

    June –October 2019 (Micro projects)

Membres et partenaires

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